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Your peripheral nervous system (PNS) is the network of nerves that connect your entire body to the brain and spinal cord. These nerves are responsible for movement, motor coordination, and sensation, which obviously makes them important for your overall health. There can be long-term impacts and consequences when your peripheral nerves are damaged — that’s where peripheral nerve stimulation in Denver comes into play.

Peripheral nerve stimulation (transcutaneous) is a non-opioid pain management system used to treat chronic and acute pain. If you’ve been searching for lasting relief from your pain-related symptoms, this innovative therapy could provide exactly what you’ve been looking for.


Peripheral nerve stimulation, also called “Acupuncture like TENS” or “repetitive transcutaneous peripheral nerve stimulation”, utilizes a non-invasive electrical current that can stimulate and upregulate areas of the brain when applied directly to certain nerves in the face and body. This is not the implanted Peripheral Nerve Stimulator that you may find while searching online.

This treatment can be used to treat symptoms and improve several conditions such as traumatic brain injuries (TBI), strokes, neuropathy, neurodegenerative diseases, and more. By stimulating peripheral nerves with electricity, the treatment will send electrical signals to the brain to ease pain and release growth factors at the synapses (connections) between nerves throughout your central and peripheral nervous system.

This therapeutic intervention allows for faster and more efficient communication between your nerves. When your nervous systems can communicate quicker and easier, your body will ultimately better manage acute and chronic pain after a traumatic injury.

Diagnostic Testing prior to cPNS

Providing patients with accurate and reliable treatments is our priority at Axon. Before beginning peripheral nerve stimulation, our team of specialists will perform a thorough diagnosis of your health and your pain relief needs to dictate which of our many treatments is best for your condition. Peripheral nerve stimulation can be used to improve a variety of conditions and areas of your life including:

  • Brain-muscle control
  • Sensation overload
  • Proprioception or kinesthesia
  • Stroke rehabilitation
  • Concussion rehabilitation
  • Spasticity and rigidity
  • Carpal tunnel, tarsal tunnel, and cubital tunnel
  • Dysmetria
  • Radiculopathy
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Other movement disorders

After extensive diagnostic testing, our trained physicians at Axon will then create an individualized treatment plan for you to target the exact nerves that will activate the lobes and systems in the brain affected by your condition.

Stroke and TBI

For many of our stroke and TBI patients learning to walk again, we utilize our gait protocol for peripheral nerve stimulation. Our gait protocol stimulates the saphenous nerve and tibial nerve in various places in the leg(s) affected by the stroke, which then primes the neural pathways with electrical stimulation. In turn, this increases communication to and from the brain, which helps optimize our patients’ ability to re-develop damaged neural pathways.


Are you ready to heal your body? Peripheral nerve stimulation may be the right treatment for your needs. Our doctors at Axon specialize in neurological conditions and treatments in the Denver metro area. We want our patients to feel their best and get treatments that make positive changes in their health.

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