Functional Neurology Approach to Dysautonomia/ POTS

Dysautonomia, a complex and often misunderstood condition, affects millions of individuals worldwide, with many of them grappling with its most common form – Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS). At Axon Integrative Health in Denver, we offer relief from the debilitating effects of Dysautonomia/POTS. Our specialized Functional Neurology approach provides innovative solutions that can significantly improve the lives of those living with this challenging condition. In this blog, we’ll explore Dysautonomia as a whole, delve into Functional Neurology treatments, discuss their benefits, and provide literature to support our approach.

Dysautonomia Therapy with Functional Neurology in Denver. Functional Neurology for POTS

Understanding Dysautonomia

Dysautonomia is a broad term used to describe a dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system (ANS), the system responsible for regulating vital functions such as heart rate, blood pressure, digestion, and more. POTS, a subtype of Dysautonomia, is characterized by an excessive increase in heart rate when transitioning from lying down to standing up. This condition leads to a range of distressing symptoms, including dizziness, fatigue, heart palpitations, and cognitive impairment.

Functional Neurology Treatments

Functional Neurology is an innovative and individualized approach to addressing Dysautonomia, including POTS. It focuses on optimizing the brain’s function, improving the communication between the brain and the rest of the body. Here are some key components of our Dysautonomia therapy with Functional Neurology at Axon Integrative Health:

Comprehensive Evaluation: Our skilled Functional Neurologist perform a thorough assessment to identify the specific areas of dysfunction in the autonomic nervous system, allowing for a customized treatment plan.

Targeted Rehabilitation Exercises: Functional Neurology uses targeted exercises to stimulate specific areas of the brain, encouraging neuroplasticity and the re-establishment of proper autonomic function.

Dietary and Lifestyle Modifications: We provide guidance on nutrition and lifestyle changes that can support overall wellness and reduce the severity of POTS symptoms.

Vestibular Rehabilitation: Dysautonomia often affects the inner ear, leading to balance and coordination issues. Vestibular rehabilitation is a key part of our therapy.

Benefits of Functional Neurology

Functional Neurology offers several significant benefits for individuals living with Dysautonomia, especially POTS:

Symptom Management: Our approach can help reduce the severity and frequency of POTS symptoms, allowing for a better quality of life.

Enhanced Brain Function: By optimizing the brain’s performance, patients may experience improved cognitive function and mental clarity.

Personalized Care: Each patient’s treatment plan is tailored to their unique needs and goals, ensuring a more effective and sustainable approach to managing Dysautonomia.

Supporting Literature

Functional Neurology’s efficacy in treating Dysautonomia is supported by a growing body of scientific research. A notable study published in the Journal of Clinical Neurophysiology in 2020 demonstrated significant improvements in POTS patients following a Functional Neurology intervention.

Dysautonomia/POTS can be an incredibly challenging condition to live with, but there is hope for a better quality of life through Functional Neurology. At Axon Integrative Health in Denver, we provide a holistic approach to manage and alleviate the symptoms of Dysautonomia, helping patients regain control over their lives.

If you or a loved one are struggling with Dysautonomia/POTS in the Denver area, and seeking a comprehensive, patient-centered approach, contact Axon Integrative Health today to schedule a consultation. We’re here to guide you on your journey to a better, more fulfilling life despite the challenges of Dysautonomia.

If you are not in the Denver area and would like to set up a call with one of the doctors for guidance, or telehealth sessions, please reach out! We also have patients travel from all over the country for care, if you would like to explore that option, please let us know and we can walk you through that process.

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