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Chiropractic medicine was originally developed to help treat the 3 T-s of dysfunction – Traumas, Thoughts, and Toxins. While current and emerging scientific literature continually finds new positives to chiropractic adjustments and other associated chiropractic work such as functional movements, spinal decompression, manual therapies, flexion and distraction, and patient education; our profession continues to be scrutinized for claiming to have a full body effect or a holistic system of healing. The chiropractic field is exploding with new knowledge and specialties allowing for a wide variety of patients – not usually thought to be seen in a chiropractic office – to be effectively treated. 

  • Symptoms addressed: musculoskeletal pain, pre and post-surgery complications and rehab, neurodevelopmental delays, behavioral dilemmas, headaches, migraines, anxiety, depression, processing delays, pain syndromes, and chronic pain, movement disorders, dizziness, and balance disorders 
  • Clinically proven to: decrease pain, improve muscular functions, stimulate processing pathways in the brain and spinal cord to presynaptically inhibit nociceptive signals before reaching the brain, improve brain and body connection, enhance hormonal release, promote endogenous pain mitigation through neurochemicals, and improve mood. 
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