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If you’re looking for a corrective exercise program in Denver, you’re in luck. Axon Integrative Health specializes in helping people improve their physical function and reduce their pain or discomfort.

A corrective exercise program is designed to address imbalances and weaknesses in the body that can lead to pain, injury, or decreased performance. It typically involves a combination of mobility work, strengthening exercises, and movement patterning drills.

When choosing a corrective exercise program, it’s important to work with a qualified professional who can assess your specific needs and create a customized plan for you.

Here are some common components you might expect to see in a Denver-based corrective exercise program:

  • Movement assessment: Your practitioner will evaluate your posture, range of motion, and movement patterns to identify any areas of dysfunction or imbalance.
  • Mobility drills: You’ll likely perform a series of exercises designed to improve joint mobility and flexibility, such as foam rolling, stretching, and dynamic mobility exercises.
  • Strengthening exercises: Your practitioner will prescribe exercises to strengthen weak muscles and improve overall stability, such as single-leg exercises, core strengthening, and resistance training.
  • Movement patterning drills: You’ll practice movement patterns that are specific to your goals or activities, with a focus on proper form and technique.
  • Progress tracking: Your practitioner will monitor your progress over time and make adjustments to your program as needed, to ensure you’re continually improving.

In summary, a corrective exercise program at Axon Integrative Health in Denver can be a great way to address pain, improve physical function, and prevent injury. With the right practitioner and program, you can achieve your fitness goals and move more confidently and pain-free.

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