The Perfect Care (cake) Recipe for Success in Comprehensive Rehab

Baking your Care Cake

Throughout initial assessments and care we like to mention the analogy of “baking a cake” for describing the complexly simple way of creating a comprehensive treatment plan.

Like any recipe there is not just one ingredient. In healing, there is likely not one thing that will solve your problem at hand.

If we were to leave out an ingredient when baking a cake, what is produced is far from what was desired. Just like in care, if one of the ingredients for healing was left out, the outcome may be different than what we hoped for. Just flour and eggs in the oven would produce something far from a cake. In the same thought, the dosage or amount of each ingredient is not equal either. If we put as much vanilla in as we did eggs or sugar, it wouldn’t turn out right. Which is why we should put most dosage into the BLGs (basic lifestyle guidelines) and therapies done in the clinic. Things like supplements and “quick fixes” should act like the salt and vanilla, great additions to the recipe that make it POP, but only because they are in the background.

Comprehensive care requires addressing all aspects of health, which is why we look at the brain body mind complex seeing how each area integrates with the next in order to determine the perfect recipe for your success in healing.

We can even break it down further into baking the cake, then adding the sprinkles and frosting. Most would agree there is an order of operations to this, you can’t just add frosting to the batter before it is baked and cooled. Care must be delivered in a specific order for you and your challenges. We must plan, treat, and consistently modify in order to keep challenging and stimulating the system as things heal and get better.

Most of the time patients come to us and have tried one of the many therapies we offer, most of the time it didn’t work for their complexities. However, it is not because it was the “wrong” treatment but more likely because it was not accompanied by the rest of the recipe or it should have been the frosting.

If you would like help in devising an ingredient list for your health concerns we would be more than happy to help. Please reach out and we can schedule a discovery call with one of the doctors to get started.

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