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Living a vibrant life means feeling your best physically and mentally. However, it’s hard to feel that way when you’re worn down by the stresses of daily life. IV therapy offers an innovative treatment that increases energy at the cellular level to provide rejuvenation when you need it. NAD+ IV is an anti-aging IV therapy and potential addiction treatment formulated to help boost your body’s levels of NAD+. Get your mind and energy back with an at-home NAD+ IV infusion from Mile High IV and Axon Integrative Health.

While we have a full service clinic with IV available. We also offer fast, in-home IV therapy that you can rely on whenever you need it. Our very own clinical staff serves a 20-mile radius around Denver and possibly further, call to see if we can make it to you! All of our IV team members are experienced in infusions and adhere to the highest safety standards.

When you choose Mile High IV and Axon Integrative Health, you’ll be able to customize our NAD+ IV drip to your specific symptoms and find relief fast — in the clinic or from the comfort of your home. We utilize a proprietary delivery method for NAD+ that is specific to Axon Integrative Health. In just 30 to 45 minutes — the length of a typical session — you’ll receive the NAD+ you need to transform your sense of well-being. Like all of our IV packages, the NAD+ is priced affordably, so you can take advantage of its many benefits. NAD+ IV treatment starts at $230 for 250mg and $600 for 750mg. Typical prices are $1 per 1mg dose.


NAD+, which stands for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, is a coenzyme occupying almost every cell in the body. Its primary purpose is to fuel metabolic reactions by enabling mitochondria, or the power houses of the cell, to convert food into energy. This energy allows the body to sustain all its metabolic, neurologic, immune, recovery, repair, healing, and other functions.

NAD+ is also required for efficient energy transfer from food to tissues. NAD+ allows for healthy DNA replication by supporting methylation pathways. NAD+ has two sets of reactions in the human body, including:

  • Helping turn food into nutrients the body can use in performing metabolic processes.
  • Working as a helper molecule for proteins that regulate other cellular functions.

Additionally, NAD+ plays several roles in important physical processes such as:

  • Regulating sleep/wake cycles
  • Sustaining bone, nerve and tissue health
  • Ensuring our fight-or-flight stress response works properly
  • Neutralizing free radicals that age the body by damaging cells

As we age, our natural levels of NAD+ decline, which can be correlated with many age-related conditions. Lower NAD+ levels can translate to a lack of energy in our daily lives, so that’s when an NAD+ drip can come in handy.



  • Helps overcome fatigue: An NAD+ IV infusion helps supply the energy the body needs on a cellular level to heal and function at its best.
  • Maximizes brain function: NAD+ promotes the process of mitochondrial biogenesis and helps protect cells from toxins and damage.
  • Aids with cell regeneration: Increasing NAD+ levels throughout your body allows it to heal itself from injury more effectively. The coenzyme is crucial to the activation of poly ADP-ribose polymerases (PARPs), which help repair damaged DNA.
  • Slows aging: Sirtuin enzymes and NAD+ can turn off specific genes that promote issues related to aging, fat storage and blood sugar management.


NAD+ IV benefits cells by acting as fuel for many critical biological processes, such as:

  • Fortifying cells’ defense systems
  • Repairing damaged DNA
  • Converting food into energy
  • Setting the body’s circadian rhythms

In recent years, NAD+ therapy has also become a common component of addiction

rehabilitation programs. Research indicates that supplementing the body’s level of NAD+ influences neurobiological pathways associated with addiction to substances such as drugs or alcohol. It’s thought that NAD+ can reduce withdrawal symptoms, lessen cravings for substances and improve overall health to help the body rebound from damage caused by addiction. It’s important to note that NAD+ therapy can’t treat addiction independently but should be used as part of a comprehensive rehab plan.

Because NAD+ levels decline with age, the human body does not have an unlimited supply. Low NAD+ levels have been associated with many health issues such as Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, diabetes and vision loss. Animal research has suggested that increasing levels of NAD+ may reverse signs of aging and lower the risk of many chronic diseases.


At Mile High IV and Axon Integrative Health, we’re committed to delivering fast and reliable NAD+ IV infusions so you get the relief you need when you need it. When you call us or book online, we’ll send a member of our team of paramedics and registered nurses to your home, office or hotel. They will assess your symptoms and check your vital signs prior to treatment. They will also help you determine the best in-home IV therapy for your needs, including any add-ons or extra fluids. Our expertise in the many uses of IV therapy ensures you’ll get the best results with Mile High IV and Axon Integrative Health.

Enjoy exceptional service, care, and pricing with our IV treatments, and join our Membership program for access to monthly IVs at a discounted rate plus special deals and promotions for other at-home care or in the clinic. Use our online scheduling software below or call us at (720) 994- 2966 to book your NAD+ IV appointment today!

Yes! Many of our patients regularly book NAD+ IVs throughout the year to support their personal wellness goals. Our team members, who are experienced medical professionals, can discuss a treatment schedule that works best for you.

Results vary from patient to patient. Some people may feel a noticeable difference in their energy levels right after treatment, while others take a bit longer to feel it. Keep in mind that NAD+ IVs typically give you better results than an oral supplement. The latter lose absorbency while passing through the digestive tract, while IV fluids go right to the bloodstream without losing effectiveness.

Yes, we offer our patients the ability to customize their IV treatments. Talk with our team members about the best vitamins, minerals, and supplements to combine with NAD+. Adding extra ingredients to treatment is available for a small fee. The one caveat to this is Glutathione. Utilization of these two infusions lead to negating effects and zero change for the systemrendering the IV combo ineffective.

Mile High IV and Axon makes NAD+ IV therapy accessible with mobile service in multiple locations throughout Colorado. Call us today to see if you are within our area.

We offer multiple forms of payment for your convenience. These include cash, check, debit, and credit cards. We also accept payments using your health savings account (HSA) or flexible spending account (FSA). When scheduling your appointment, talk to our team members if you have additional questions about payment methods.

IVs in General

If you’ve never had IV therapy, you may be wondering how this type of treatment works and what it does to the body. There are several reasons to add IV therapy to your wellness routine. First, IV therapy will support your overall health by providing you with the vitamins, minerals, fluids and electrolytes you need. 

IV drips can improve your health, boost your energy levels, help your body fight off illnesses more effectively and so much more. Plus, the drips can be administered in one easy 30- to 45-minute treatment delivered to you in the comfort of your home, office or hotel anywhere in Denver and beyond.

What IV Treatments Are Used For

At Mile High IV and Axon Integrative Health, we offer mobile IV treatments to help alleviate and treat several conditions, including: 

  • Hangovers: Our hangover treatment uses a combination of vitamins, fluids, anti-nausea medication and electrolytes to detoxify the body and bring quick relief from the effects of a hangover within 30 to 60 minutes.
  • Dehydration: Our dehydration treatment contains a combination of IV fluids and electrolytes that will help you feel rejuvenated and refreshed in no time. If you’re dehydrated after hiking, kayaking or engaging in any other outdoor activity, our dehydration treatment will help you.
  • Workout recovery: It’s important to feel energetic after a tough workout session. If you’ve been working out and feel exhausted, our recovery IV treatment can help you recover by restoring any fluids, vitamins and electrolytes that may have been lost during exercise. 
  • Lack of energy before athletics: Our energy boost treatment includes a blend of vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and antioxidants to help restore your lost energy, improve your overall health and help you regain focus and concentration before your big event.
  • Colds and flu: If you’re down with a cold or flu, IV treatment can help you recover from the symptoms. Our cold and flu treatment contains a mix of vitamins, fluids, electrolytes and medications to offer you quick relief. 
  • Food poisoning: Our food poisoning IV treatment contains a mix of fluids, vitamins, electrolytes, anti-nausea elements and medication to help you recover from the symptoms of food poisoning and eliminate toxins.
  • Altitude sickness: After landing in Denver, people often suffer the effects of altitude sickness for days. If you’re suffering from altitude sickness, remember that IV treatment is the best way to alleviate the symptoms. If you’re thinking of going hiking in the mountains, consider IV treatment to give you a much-needed boost for the rough terrain and altitude.
  • Nausea: Our standard nausea IV therapy contains a blend of anti-nausea medication and dextrose saline to help you get rid of nausea and be back on your feet in no time at all. 
  • Migraine: A migraine shouldn’t derail your day. Thanks to our IV treatment, you can get instant relief from migraines so that you can go on with your day normally.
  • Fatigue: If you feel exhausted all the time or get tired after doing a few chores, take time off to get IV fluid therapy to help beat fatigue once and for all. Our fatigue IV treatment contains a unique blend of vitamins and minerals to supercharge your body.

How IV Treatments Work 

When you call us to schedule an appointment, our doctors will talk to you to understand your condition and history. Then, we’ll come to your location within an hour to take your vital signs and perform a focused assessment. After that, we’ll recommend the best IV package for you based on your symptoms and administer the IV infusion. Treatment generally takes 30 to 45 minutes, and vitamins and minerals will be delivered directly to your bloodstream to help you feel better quickly so that you can go on with your day.

Schedule an IV Drip Treatment in Denver Now

Mile High IV and Axon Integrative Health offers in-clinic and in-home IV drip treatments for patients who want to enjoy the benefits of IV infusions in the convenience and comfort of their home, office or hotel anywhere in Denver or in the clinic among many other modalites for your ailments. 

Our IV treatments are on-demand to fit into your schedule, whether you’re a high-profile athlete, a busy corporate executive or just someone feeling under the weather. If you just hope to improve your health and well-being, we can still help. Call us, 720-994-2966 or contact us online to schedule your in-home IV vitamin therapy today.

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