Longevity / Human Performance

Care We Provide

  • Sensory Motor Integration: Executive function, Memory, Reaction Time, Cognitive Performance, Multi-Tasking, Decision Making
  • Neutraceutical Perscriptions and Supplement Support
  • PRP Injections
  • Peptide Therapies- (BPC157, TB500, Thymosin B4, Ipamorelin, Semaglutide, Cerebrolysin, ISP, etc..)
  • IV Therapy – NAD+, PC/PS, Glutathione, Amino Acids, High Dose C, IV Ozone, ALA, PK, Myers, Peptides, IVIG, Growth Hormone, Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • TeleMedicine/ Telehealth Care and Consults
  • Home/ Office/ Barn Visits
  • Corporate Work
  • Fly In/ Out of Town Programs – Intensives catered to the out of town patient
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