Metabolic Health / Diet and Nutrition

Healthy food in heart

In order to have the best chance in restoring our patients to optimal function, it is extremely important that we address the metabolic components of their health. Along with the history, intakes, exams, and diagnostics, our clinicians will utilize your current metabolic health in suggesting treatment plans and lifestyle changes to help you achieve your goals. Maximizing your metabolic health and capacity with IV infusions, nutraceuticals and supplements, diet/ nutrition, and exercise will give you the best opportunity for success in your journey. Our team will provide you with specific nutrition recommendations while you are here that you can employ immediately, and consistently during the rest of your healing journey. Certain foods are detrimental to neurological, gastrointestinal, and bodily functions, and MUST be eliminated prior to beginning your journey with us: Processed Foods, Added Sugars, most Dairy and Gluten (especially if you are sensitive). 

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