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Applied Psychology

Neurofeedback in Denver

In the realm of mental health and performance enhancement, the field of neurofeedback has emerged as a groundbreaking therapy that harnesses the power of the brain to address a wide range of conditions. Among the cities at the forefront of this innovative approach is Denver,

Applied Psychology

Neurodegenerative care in Denver

Improve tremors and movement abilities in Denver area with movement disorder therapy Movement disorders can be debilitating conditions that affect a person’s ability to move,

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Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)

Axon Integrative Health is proud to offer Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) as part of our comprehensive treatment options for various mental health conditions. TMS is

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qEEG Brain Map in Denver

Improve focus, brain fog, and mental health starting with a Brain Map in Cherry Creek Introduction At Axon Integrative Health in Denver, Colorado, we offer

Applied Psychology

Neuro Cognitive Training in Denver

Enhance Sports performance with targeted cognitive training Cognitive enhancement involves various inputs depending on your specific needs. These can include reaction speed training, processing patterns,


Sports Performance in Denver

Enhance Sports Performance in Denver area Axon Integrative Health in Denver offers a unique approach to optimizing sports performance by incorporating cutting-edge executive function, reaction

Applied Psychology

Vision Performance in Denver

Improve sports performance with Vision: peripheral vision, visual memory, and visual processing Axon Integrative Health in Denver offers a unique approach to optimizing sports performance

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Cognitive Therapy in Denver

Enhance Cognitive recovery and performance for neurological conditions, or executive business performance Axon Integrative Health in Denver is a cutting-edge wellness center that offers cognitive

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Applied Psychology

ADHD care in Denver

Control and Regulate ADHD for adults and children in Denver area Axon Integrative Health is a leading functional neurology clinic in Denver that provides a

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Applied Psychology

Reading and Learning delay therapy in Denver

Improve learning and reading delay in Cherry Creek Axon Integrative Health in Denver is a leading healthcare center that offers comprehensive services to patients who

Functional Medicine (Metabolic Support)

Neuro Psychiatric Management in Denver

Improve mental health in Cherry Creek Depression and Anxiety Are serious conditions that can interfere with quality of life, relationships, employment, and overall health. Although