Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can be a debilitating and frustrating experience for those who suffer from it. At Axon Integrative Health in Denver, Colorado, our expert team of doctors is dedicated to helping patients find relief from chronic pain through a comprehensive and personalized approach. By utilizing the latest advancements in integrative health, we aim to address the root cause of your pain and provide long-lasting relief.

Symptoms of Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is a complex condition that can manifest in various ways. Some common symptoms include:

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  • Persistent pain lasting more than three months
  • Pain that is sharp, aching, or burning in nature
  • Sensitivity to touch or pressure
  • Muscle stiffness and weakness
  • Fatigue and sleep disturbances
  • Emotional distress, such as anxiety and depression
  • Reduced mobility and difficulty performing daily activities


A thorough evaluation is crucial for an accurate diagnosis of chronic pain. At Axon Integrative Health, our doctors will take a detailed medical history and perform a comprehensive physical examination. They may also recommend additional tests, such as imaging studies or nerve conduction studies, to pinpoint the underlying cause of your pain. 

Many times chronic pain is “Noci Plastic” and stems from a “smudged homunculus” meaning the perception of your body and sensation within your brain is not communicating properly, rather than physical damage being done to the area that hurts (like acute pain). Nociplastic or Ectopic Nociception uses the same principles of Neuroplasticity that “what fires together wires together” meaning the more that acute pain from damaged tissues activates those pain alarms during movement or touch, the more those alarms will go off even without damaged tissue and normal movement and touch.

Unfortunately, Chronic Pain will never be easy to manage and will never be a one thing fix, it will require a multi-modal approach addressing the Brain, Body, and Mind. 

Treatment Options for Chronic Pain

At Axon Integrative Health, we understand that each patient’s experience with chronic pain is unique. Therefore, we collaborate with a network of skilled doctors who specialize in various disciplines to provide a comprehensive and tailored approach to managing chronic pain. Our expanded treatment options include: 

  • Functional Movement
  • NeuroFeedback Therapy
  • Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequencies (PEMF)
  • Photobiomodulation (PBM) / Class 4 Laser therapy 
  • IV Ozone Therapy 
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative therapies, such as platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections or stem cell therapy, may be utilized to promote natural healing and repair of damaged tissues, potentially providing long-lasting pain relief.


Peripheral nerve stimulation can be used to deliver mild electrical pulses to the nerves, interrupting pain signals and providing relief. Our doctors will work with you to determine if this option is suitable for your specific pain condition.

Pain Rehabilitation Programs

Our team may refer you to a multidisciplinary pain rehabilitation program that combines  Chiropractic care, corrective exercise, acupuncture, and psychological support to address all aspects of your chronic pain. These programs aim to improve your overall function and quality of life while minimizing your reliance on pain medications.

Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)

In addition to the integrative therapies mentioned earlier, our doctors may also suggest other complementary treatments such as herbal supplements, biofeedback, or compression therapy to support your overall well-being and pain management.

Surgical Interventions

By collaborating with a diverse team of doctors and specialists, Axon Integrative Health is dedicated to offering a comprehensive and personalized approach to chronic pain management. This multidisciplinary approach ensures that all aspects of your pain are addressed, giving you the best chance at long-lasting relief and improved quality of life.

Prevention of Chronic Pain

While it may not always be possible to prevent chronic pain entirely, there are steps you can take to reduce your risk and promote overall health:

Person stretching their muscles to help with Chronic Pain
  • Engage in regular physical activity to maintain strength and flexibility
  • Practice good posture and ergonomics while sitting, standing, and lifting
  • Maintain a healthy body weight
  • Manage stress through relaxation techniques, such as meditation or yoga
  • Seek prompt medical attention for injuries or illnesses

Frequently Asked Questions

Can chronic pain be cured?

While there is no universal cure for chronic pain, our team at Axon Integrative Health can help you develop a personalized treatment plan to effectively manage and eradicate your pain and improve your quality of life.

Is it safe to combine alternative therapies with conventional treatments for chronic pain?

Our doctors at Axon Integrative Health are experienced in developing comprehensive treatment plans that may include a combination of alternative and conventional therapies. They will carefully evaluate your specific needs and preferences to ensure a safe and effective approach to your care.

How long does it take to see results from chronic pain treatment?

The timeline for improvement varies depending on the individual and the underlying cause of their pain. It is important to be patient and consistent with your treatment plan, and our team will closely monitor your progress and adjust your plan as needed.


Chronic pain can be a complex and challenging condition to manage. However, with the right support and a comprehensive approach, many patients can achieve significant improvements in their pain levels and overall quality of life. At Axon Integrative Health, our experienced team of doctors is committed to helping you regain control over your life and find lasting relief from chronic pain.

Don’t let chronic pain hold you back any longer. If you’re ready to take the first step towards a life with less pain and more freedom, contact our dedicated team at Axon Integrative Health in Denver, Colorado. We are here to support you on your journey to better health and wellness. To schedule a consultation, please call us at (720) 994-2966. We look forward to helping you find the relief you deserve.

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