Intensive Programs

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What to Expect

At Axon Integrative Health, you will immediately feel the love and dedication from our talented team of medical and health professionals. Each member of the clinical team will be spending time with you to educate, provide their unique additions to your healing journey, and support you through the process. We expect full compliance and effort, because at the end of the day you must be willing to do the work. Our team will provide you with all the tools, therapies, strategies, and education, but it requires your motivation and willingness to change. Neuroplasticity is simple, however it needs consistent effort, and is not an overnight “quick fix”. Neuroplasticity is the core concept behind our neurological rehab program and provides lasting relief and changes. We identify the systems and regions of the nervous system that are underfunctioning, and use targeted, drug-free, non-invasive therapies to enact changes in these areas. By improving function through consistent activation and stimulation of these networks, we see changes in patients’ quality of life and the ability to do things that may previously have been difficult or impossible to achieve. 

Care We Provide

  • Concussion/ Post Concussional 
  • Post Stroke 
  • Post TBI/SCI 
  • Post Infectious (post covid, meningitis) 
  • NeuroDevelopmental 
  • NeuroDegenerative 
  • Pre/Post Surgery 
  • Environmental Toxicity 
  • GI Reset 
  • Preventative / Optimization / Longevity 
  • Elite Performance 
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At every step of your care, you’ll know that you’re more than just a patient file. We’ll strive to provide an environment that accounts for your specific needs. It’s all just part of making a great experience with effective treatment part of every visit.

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