Acupuncture in Denver with Resonance

Ear of young woman with sound waves simulation technology

Sound healing and acupuncture come together in Cherry Creek

Acupuncture with Resonance is a form of acupuncture that uses sound frequencies to help stimulate the target tissue. These sound frequencies are created by a frequency generator at a specific hertz ideal for your condition and pass through the acupuncture needles like a little antenna, amplifying the healing power of the points. Each cell in our body resonates at certain frequencies that are different if the tissue is bone, muscle, blood, lymph, or healthy or diseased- this is why you “resonate” or “vibe” with certain people and not others. Frequency medicine has been used since ancient times and is recently beginning to gain scientific-backed support. By resonating the target tissue with these specific frequencies we are able to have a greater affect on the entire system; decreasing inflammation, improving blood circulation, and stimulating energy meridians. 

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