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Decrease pain and improve mobility with functional movement in Denver, Cherry Creek

Functional movement and full body vibration have shown tremendous results in increasing strength and proprioception while decreasing spasticity and rigidity. Vibration

stimulates small sensors in muscles and tendons (MS and GTO) to activate cortical areas and improve the processing of motor movements. Proper breathing mechanics are a focus during this therapy as breathing through a movement helps you “own” it. The functional movement will focus on how well you can move your body; bending, sliding, crossing, reaching, and twisting – promoting what you can do while improving what is difficult for you and potentially limiting you in your life through pain or restriction. Motion is lotion and movement is medicine. Gait therapy can also be done on the vibrating platform to help improve your ability to ambulate your environment following a stroke, TBI, or neurodegenerative condition. 

  • Symptoms addressed: Pain, movement disorders, movement optimization, spasticity, rigidity, proprioceptive disorders, fatigue, muscle strain and ligament sprains, joint pains, musculoskeletal conditions 
  • Clinically proven to: enhance the connection of body to the brain, release endorphins for pain and mood boosts, reduce spasticity, restore neuromuscular connections, improve coordination, refine spatial awareness, enhance balance and gait, increase self-awareness, and boost cognition.
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