Cupping therapy and Dynamic taping in Denver

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Decrease inflammation and decrease pain with cupping and kinesiotaping in Cherry Creek

Cupping and Kinesiotaping are two complementary therapies commonly used in rehabilitation and pain management. Cupping therapy involves creating suction on the skin to increase blood flow and relax muscle tension. This ancient Chinese practice has been shown to be effective in reducing pain and stiffness, improving mobility, and promoting relaxation. Kinesiotaping, on the other hand, is a

modern therapeutic taping technique that uses elastic tape to increase neuromuscular control and brain awareness of that area. The tape is designed to mimic the skin’s elasticity and provide pain relief, support for injuries, and improve athletic performance by creating a small elevation of the skin and allowing for better blood flow and lyphatic drainage. Both cupping and kinesiotaping are non-invasive and have been found to be effective in reducing pain and improving function, making them popular complementary therapies for many people seeking to improve their overall physical well-being. 

  • Symptoms Addressed: Muscular aches and pains, joint motor control and stabilization dysfunction, edema (swelling), chronic pain, muscle tightness and soreness, tendinopaties, ligament sprains 
  • Clinically proven to: enhance blood flood, improve lymphatic and lactic clearance, promote drainage of static fluid, improve brain body awareness, increase skin to muscle interspace, and decreases pain 
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