Metabolic Testing with PNOE

Metabolism Symbiosis Medical Concept.

Metabolic testing with PNOE is a diagnostic tool that measures various aspects of a person’s metabolism, including how efficiently their body is using and converting energy from food, how well their organs are functioning, and how effectively their body is detoxifying. This type of testing can be useful for neurological support, functional medicine evaluations, and longevity performance assessments. This is all done in a 15-minute breath analysis. 

In neurological support, metabolic testing can help identify metabolic imbalances or deficiencies that may be contributing to neurological symptoms or disorders. For example, a person with a neurodegenerative condition may have impaired glucose metabolism, and metabolic testing can help identify this issue so that targeted interventions can be implemented to improve glucose regulation. 

Functional medicine evaluations use metabolic testing to identify imbalances or dysfunctions in various body systems that may be contributing to chronic health issues. By measuring various markers, such as hormones, inflammation levels, and nutrient

deficiencies, functional medicine practitioners can create personalized treatment plans to address these imbalances and improve overall health. 

Longevity performance assessments use metabolic testing to evaluate a person’s metabolic health and identify areas for improvement to optimize longevity. This type of testing can measure things like mitochondrial function, oxidative stress levels, and inflammation markers, which are all important factors for healthy aging. Overall, metabolic testing can be a valuable tool for identifying imbalances and dysfunctions in metabolism that may be contributing to a range of health issues, including neurological disorders, chronic health conditions, and age-related declines in health and function. By identifying these issues, targeted interventions can be implemented to improve metabolic health and support optimal health and longevity. 

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