Neuromuscular Reeducation in Denver

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Improve Vision, decrease headaches, heal from concussion, and decrease fatigue with NMR in Denver

Research has shown that the utilization of eye movement therapy stimulates multiple brain regions, driving brain activation and growth. 70% of our sensory inputs are visually related, how you can move your eyes determines the clarity and visual acuity. Disruptions in oculometrics have been linked to various fatigue 

and psychological conditions such as dizziness, nausea, coordination, reading, sensitivity to light, and headaches. Our eyes and our vision is the most important asset to our brains. In fact, the eyes are direct neural tissue, like the brain, not a “part of the system” like your tongue for taste, ears for hearing and balance, or fingers for feeling. 

  • Symptoms addressed: fatigue, post-concussion, headaches, light sensitivity, reading delays, dyslexia, nausea, coordination, psychological symptoms
  • Clinically proven to: increase visual processing speeds, improve balance, improve visual acuity, increase visual accuracy, improve reading comprehension, and enhance hand-eye coordination. 
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