TLNS/ PNS in Denver

Human brain neuronal stimulation or activity with the close-up of a neuron cell 3D

Improve focus, energy, and balance with Translingual Neural Stimulation or decrease nerve pain with Peripheral Nerve Stimulation in Denver Colorado

Translingual Neural Stimulation, or Peripheral Nervous Stimulation
utilizes a non-invasive electrical current that, when applied directly to certain nerves in the tongue, face and body, can stimulate, prime neural pathways, and upregulate areas of the brain and spinal cord affected by TBI, stroke, neuropathy, neurodegenerative disease, or physical injury.

  • Symptoms addressed: Nerve pain, movement disorders, neurodegenerative disease, anxiety, brain fog, nervous system dysregulation.
  • Clinically Proven to: calm fight or flight responses, reduce anxiety, correct imbalances in facial tone and other muscles, improve gait, and restore motor and sensory function.
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