Transcranial direct current stimulation tDCS in Denver


Improve brain function with tDCS in Cherry Creek

Transcranial direct current stimulation is a form of neuromodulation that delivers small electrical signals through the scalp to help change the connectivity thresholds of cortical neurons. By changing cortical connections you also change subcortical fibers (highways) resulting in changes in mood regulation, movement, sensory processing, and thoughts. This therapy can be done in a clinic or provided as an at-home therapy with a self-purchased unit. We typically utilize this therapy in conjunction with active therapies like eye movement and or balance training, functional movement, sensory-motor integration, breathwork, and meditation or other passive therapies like rebuilder, or photobiomodulation. 

  • Symptoms addressed: depression, anxiety, tinnitus, insomnia, movement disorders, processing delays, neural inflammation 
  • Clinically proven to: decrease anxiety and depression, decrease tinnitus, improve sleep quality, enhance motor movement, reduce excitotoxicity, and restore chemical and electrical balance to the cortex. 
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