Vestibular Rehab in Denver

Young guy feeling pain and spinning sensation in his head.

Decrease dizziness, vertigo, balance, and constant movement with comprehensive vestibular rehab in Cherry Creek, Denver

A vestibular rehab is a form of therapeutic exercise and activities designed to help alleviate and eradicate feelings of dizziness, vertigo, balance loss, and constant motion sensations. The three big pillars of balance are the vestibular system, visual system, and proprioception. Usually performed on various surfaces to help enhance proprioception, while performing biomechanical movements in a horizontal, kneeling, or standing position and utilizing fixation points- you may feel your symptoms arise, this is a typical side-effect of treatment at the moment which results in decreased symptoms after therapy. Our vestibular system is intimately linked to posture and nausea too, leading to postural changes and nausea in some patients. Vestibular rehab requires constant work, like most of our interventions, as well as a nutritious diet full of proteins, healthy fats, and fruits and veggies, while being low in processed foods, added sugar, and simple carbohydrates. 

  • Symptoms addressed: Dizziness, nausea, balance loss, confusion, mental clarity, irritation, MDDS, vertigo, BBPV, learning delays, processing disorders
  • Clinically proven to: enhance central integration of sensory inputs and motor outputs related to balance and posture.
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