VieLight: transcranial red light therapy in Denver


Red light therapy for the brain

Powerful, yet simple, the VieLight is a photobiomodulation (aka red light therapy) head cap, utilizes multiple frequencies of red light to help enhance a myriad of cellular functions. The transcranial LED diodes are designed to target the default mode network directly. The pulse rate of this device can be set to; Alpha (10hz) format inducing a calming effect and improved recovery of neuroinflammation (the desired resting brain state) or the Gama (40Hz) format – enhancing memory and cognition along with awareness and mental focus (being in the zone). 

  • Symptoms addressed: post concussional syndrome, fatigue, headaches, depression, anxiety, memory challenges, dyssynergia, and brain fog. 
  • Clinically proven to: increase synaptogenesis, increase angiogenesis, increase blood flow, stimulate anti-inflammatory measures, increased neuron progenitor cells, increased antioxidants, increased DNA protection factors, Increased neurotrophins, Reduced neuronal excitotoxicity


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