Mile High Magazine – What Exactly Are Concussions?

Guest: Dr. Brad DeBeer/Chiropractor – Functional Neurologist  A concussion is a brain injury that is caused by the impact of the head directly or body resulting in brain sloshing.  A concussion is a chemical change causing inflammation.  Every six years there are no protocols and test and tools to diagnose a concussion.  There are five questions a sideline doctor will ask a player before they go back in the game.  The big three questions have the player repeat 12 words back to them, walking while counting, giving the months backwards.  Some other symptoms are emotional changes, not working out as long, dizziness, balance changes, anything that just seems off.  Some of the new protocols after a concussion is to get out and walk, vision therapy, vestibular and balance training, and chiropractic care.  Three things that can prevent concussions are mouth guards, proper neck strength, and peripheral vision.

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